Simple and balanced. There needs to be a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. Congress has failed to pass a budget that both parties agree on - don't spend money we don't have! As a part of Eric's proposal, each department will be audited and required to account for every dollar spent. If a department can't provide evidence that a payment was legitimate, their budget will be reduced. In addition, if a government official proposes an increase in federal spend and cannot match it with budget cuts, federal aid to that official's state should be reduced until the difference can be paid back to the federal government. 


Nimble and effective. Eric will propose legislation to ensure that defense funds are being used effectively - eliminating wasteful and inefficient programs while increasing funding on advanced weapon systems and technology. Our defense budget should always be robust, but we need to spend responsibly. We can do this by working with our Defense Department to prioritize our initiatives and remove defunct programs that are wasting tax dollars to maintain. 










Strong, but practical. We should welcome law-abiding, verified individuals and families that wish to contribute to our economy. Eric believes the Department of Homeland Security should obtain the initiatives and resources they need so that they can assure the American people that everyone coming into the country has been vetted and does not engage in criminal activities. We also need to develop strategic, physical borders where needed. For those that are undocumented - if they have not committed a crime since they've been here, they need to pay a fine and back taxes. If they meet these requirements, they will have a path to legalization- never to citizenship.


All means and methods. In order to eliminate our reliance on foreign energy sources, we need to encourage and develop all methods of responsible energy. This includes solar, wind, clean coal, conventional oil/gas sources as well as developing technologies to improve energy efficiency. Regulations need to be removed that would otherwise stifle energy development, so we can make energy independence a reality.


Replace Obamacare. The first step is establishing a system that prevents volume-based fee-for-service payments to value-based payments. This will promote a proactive, long-term health solution. The proposed system needs to be patient-centered instead of insurance company-centered. Additionally, the new system should have multiple options in a competitive market, with incentivized higher, quality care. This will put an end to Obamacare’s government interference.


Unyielding support. The revelations of poor care at VA hospitals is appalling and yet our government continues to do nothing to repair the system.The government needs to drastically improve the effectiveness of the Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition to an increase in pay for those in active service, the government needs to work harder to provide job placement for veterans who have recently left the armed forces. Veteran's economic, health and family needs should be at the forefront of priorities for our government. Our brave men and women have served honorably, and the American people owe an unpayable debt to them. At a minimum, the government should ensure they have proper health care and adequate support to purchase a car or home.   


Your choice. You should always have a choice in how your children should be educated. The federal government should not dictate how a child should learn the alphabet or compute multiplication. Eric supports Governor Kasich's (Ohio) plan in that public education should managed at the local level, not the federal level.