America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
— Abraham Lincoln


Eric wants to restore the integrity of the office of United States Representative. For nearly 10 years, congressional approval ratings have hovered at or below 20%, bottoming out at 8.4%! Our elected officials are disgracing their offices with their inability to pass legislation, their constant arguing and their failure to fulfill campaign promises. The American people deserve better representation! 

Let's elect someone who will make every effort to earn the trust of his constituents. Eric will work to pass legislation that will bring accountability to the government, starting with a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. As a part of that proposal, each government department will be required to account for every dollar spent. If any funds are found to be improper, that department will be forced to make cuts until each dollar can be properly accounted. Simply put, if they can't provide evidence that a payment was legitimate, their budget will be reduced. In addition, if a government official proposes an increase in federal spend and cannot match it with budget cuts, federal aid to that official's state should be reduced until the difference can be paid back to the federal government. 

In an effort to avoid our elected officials voting on legislation with only their next election in mind, Eric will propose legislation that establishes term limits for Congress: 6 terms or 12 years for Representatives and 2 terms or 12 years for Senators. We need to put an end to career politicians.


The safety and security of our citizens is paramount. Our defense department needs to be able to identify and preemptively remove a threat before it occurs. This requires agility, effective communication and efficient elimination. We need to provide the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security the resources necessary to defend our interests abroad and our citizens at home. Eric will propose legislation to ensure that defense funds are being used effectively - eliminating wasteful and inefficient programs while increasing funding on advanced weapon systems and technology. Our defense budget should always be robust, but we need to spend responsibly - prioritize our initiatives and cut defunct programs. 

While we have groups and countries that wish us harm, we also have millions who want to live the American dream. However, we have necessary checks in place, and those should be followed legally. The immigration process can be burdensome on those who want to become productive members of American society, so these steps need to be streamlined. Eric would propose legislation that grants undocumented workers a path to legalization (not citizenship) only if: they have not committed a crime, and they pay a fine, they pay back taxes, complete service in the Armed Forces or provide substantial community service. If they choose not to abide those rules, they will be deported. As a part of this immigration plan, strategic and effective physical barriers need to be placed along our borders.

In addition, Eric will work with other Texas representatives to ensure our airports and the Port of Houston have the staff, resources and equipment necessary to deter and detain any illicit trafficking in people, drugs, illegal weapons and money. Human trafficking is on the rise, with Texas being an unfortunate hot spot for this unspeakable practice. Texas needs federal funds to secure our access points to prevent these crimes and protect those who are vulnerable. 


The government's encroaching grasp continues to deteriorate our freedoms. Eric wants to ensure Americans regain their freedoms - to free speech, to own a firearm, to choose their own education, to choose their own healthcare but without constant over-regulation. Washington's regulations have cost Americans not only their liberties but also their paychecks as the government takes in record receipts and still find ways to increase the debt! This needs to end. The government has grown so vast that it is unmanageable. Eric wants a moratorium on all major, new regulations and a pause on regulations that were passed under the Obama Administration that have not gone into effect. This will allow Congress to overhaul the current regulatory process so that real deregulation can occur. The more laws and regulations we eliminate, the more free we become.

how we get america back on track

  • Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget
  • Cut unnecessary and obsolete programs
  • Eliminate improper Medicare/Medicaid payments
  • Simplify tax code for individuals and small businesses, including a reduction in corporate tax rates 
  • Establish term limits for Senators and Representatives
  • Secure the liberties of our citizens 
  • Provide funding for strategic national defense, at home and abroad
  • Reform entitlement programs