Texan by choice. 

Over the course of his life, Eric has lived in five different states, but he has never felt more at home than in Katy. Eric grew up in the Midwest, moved to Southern California for a job opportunity and relocated to Texas as a project engineer for Shell. With a decade of oil and gas experience, Eric's various engineering positions have required effective leadership and essential management skills. 

To put down his roots, Eric has served his community in many capacities, from preschool volunteer at Second Baptist Church to Fort Bend County Precinct Chair. He's served as a board member for his neighborhood's property owner's association, coached multiple seasons of youth soccer and acted as the unofficial cheerleader for the neighborhood swim team. Playing a vast array of sports (often in the house, at the dismay of his wife), teaching his children the art of Lego construction and challenging all family members to match his strategic wits in board games duels, Eric greatly enjoys his time spent at home. 

He's a husband, father, engineer, coach, volunteer, friend and neighbor; let's add Congressman to the list.


For the past decade, Eric has worked as an engineer and project manager in various capacities in the oil and gas industry. He's managed projects, led teams and is currently working on a flagship, deepwater project in the Gulf of Mexico. As a team leader, he promoted collaboration in order to deliver results safely, on time and under budget. Eric constantly strives for improvement - in his job performance, as a husband and father, as a coach and as a friend. He thrives under challenges and his passion is unparalleled.

His Mission

  • Restore the integrity of the office of United States Representative
  • Provide effective means of security for our people and our interests, at home and abroad
  • Ensure the liberties of the American people are protected and unrestrained